Rental Conditions


Minibus can be booked: by phone, email or by filling in the reservation section of the website at


The tenant must have a valid driver's license and ID card or passport. Where a legal person (company) is required to seal of the company.


Deposit of 500/145 to 1000 LTL / e 290. For all the services you pay: cash, card or bank transfer.


Minibus prices are per day. Rent 24val day. - Taking a bus from the start. Prices given in the minivan pictures. The price includes: compulsory motor third party liability and comprehensive insurance. In exceptional cases, the price may vary depending on the lease term and kilometers driven.


All rented vans are insured transnporto vehicle liability and comprehensive insurance to rental, valid throughout geographical Europe. Tenant or any other person authorized to drive a van is insured transnporto against civil liability insurance.

Liability Insurance covers the material and health damage caused by an accident to another participant, and third parties.

CASCO insurance in case of accident - Covers damage to the rented vehicle, no matter what the accident was.

CASCO insurance car theft case - Covers the loss of the car in case of theft. The prerequisite - to deliver the leased vehicle documents and keys, other disability insurance protection. In the absence of car keys or dokuemntų tenant pays all auomobilio value. Presentation of the documents and the keys in case of theft tenant will have to pay 10% of the value of the car.

Unconditional franchise: Passenger and cargo vans £ 500/145 e.

EXTRA INSURANCE: In case of emergency, when the perpetrator or another tenant damage the car, where the perpetrator is not a car windscreen and tire damage cases, the lessee shall reimburse the amount of unconditional franchise, which are not covered by the insurance company, as collateral.

Driving restrictions. Minimum driving experience renting a van - 2 years. Check the overseas leased car is available only with the written consent of the lessor. The unauthorized departure to a foreign country without the lessor's consent, subject to 1000 Lt / e 290 fine.

RANGE LIMITS: During the day, the service can reach 500km for each additional mileage will be charged kilomentrą 0.20Lt. / Km / 00:06 e / km

ADDITIONAL DRIVER. There is no charge for an extra driver. Additional driver data must be submitted before signing a car lease. Transfer the person driving the car, the car is not included in the rental agreement, is strictly prohibited.


Cars are issued / returned Kaunas Butrimonių g. 5

Possible car delivery throughout Lithuania in a separate agreement.

WHO: Cars issued a full tank of fuel, the return of the car is also required for a full tank. Car is returned incomplete fuel tank, subject to a fine and paid 8Lt. / L, 2.32 e / L

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: In addition, we hire navigation. Price per day from 5 Lt. / Day / 1.45 E / day

CAR TROUBLE: Technical failure lessor provides technical assistance (Traliukas) Support is 24val. daily. Technical assistance is valid throughout Europe. For transoprtavimą from foreign countries nuomotajas reimburse only up to 500EUR, who top the difference pays nuominkas account.